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Remediation of Lawn Cottage, Wyver Lane, Belper

Lawn Cottage, Wyver Lane

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This page is about the remediation of the garden of Lawn Cottage, Wyver Lane. This work is subject to the grant of planning permission.

The project should take around three weeks to complete, and has been designed so that small vans will be used for the majority of the works. This is to lessen the impact of the works on the residents of Wyver Lane. However it will be necessary for larger plant to occasionally access the site during the works.

The works traffic will have a 10mph speed limit, and there will be no works traffic on Wyver Lane outside the following times:

  • 08:00-18:00 - Monday - Friday
  • 08:00-13:00 - Saturday
  • No works on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

The project involves the removal of soils and turf from the garden of Lawn Cottage, because tests have shown the soils to be chemically unsuitable for use in a residential garden. The garden will then be landscaped with two ponds, coppice and permeable paving areas. This will stop the future residents coming into regular contact with remaining garden soils.

The garden soils have been tested and found to be suitable for use in improving the undulating surface levels of a small predefined area of the former landfill. The soils are suitable for this purpose due to the limited amount of contact people will regularly have with this area, much less than compared to a residential garden.

We have tested the soils at the site and are confident that we know what to expect. However, we must be prepared for the unlikely event that the soil in the garden is found to be significantly different to the samples taken.

Any soils suspected of being unsuitable for use on the former landfill will be segregated and tested. If the soils are found to be unsuitable they will be removed from site on sheeted vehicles, and taken to a licensed waste disposal facility.

Although moving the soils from site will not expose local residents to any risk of contamination we will notify residents of Wyver Lane before we move contaminated soils off-site.

To ensure we manage the soils properly we will be operating under a Materials Management Plan. This document will set out how we will manage the soil movements and is reviewed by an independent expert.

We have discussed the scheme with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Environment Agency, and have applied for Planning Permission (AVA/2010/0804). Because the application relates to Council owned land, it will be considered by the Planning Board.

The Supporting Statement supplied with the Planning Application contains a description of the scheme and the investigations to date and can be found in Related Documents section to the right of this page. This is quite a large document and has been split into two parts for convenience. You can inspect this document at the Ripley Town Hall or at Belper town Centre Office.

As with all projects of this kind we will be continually producing reports to satisfy the various systems we will be working under. We will try to keep this page updated with all the reports as they become available.

If you are concerned with any aspect of this project please contact:

Darren Hurst

Scientific Officer



October Update.

We are currently in discussion with the Environment Agency regarding the risks posed by the proposals to controlled waters. When the Environment Agency are satisfied the works will not pose a significant risk to controlled waters, the planning application will be submitted to the Councils Planning Board; we are hoping this will be sometime in November.

November Update.

The Environment Agency are now satisfied that the project will not pose a significant risk to controlled waters. The planning application will be submitted to Planning Board on 29th November 2010.

December Update.

Planning Board granted the scheme Planning Permission on the 29th November 2010. Work is now being undertaken to satisfy landscaping, tree protection and traffic management planning conditions.

January Update.

Work is being undertaken to obtain discharge of pre-commencement planning conditions no.2 (Traffic Management Plan) and no.4 & no.5 (Landscape and Tree Protection). Soon after these conditions are satisfied the project start date and programme can be established.

The Traffic Management Plan report and Landscape and Tree Protection report will be published on this webpage as soon as they have been accepted by the planning authority.

February Update.

Work will take place toward the end of the month to clear the shrubbery and small trees within the remediation areas of the garden. The work will be concluded within two days and will not involve significant vehicle movements along the lane. Only one tree of a significant size will be felled, this is to allow works access to the garden area and is identified as tree T5 in the Tree Survey (Appendix E of the Planning Application Supporting Statement Part 1).

The Traffic Management Plan report and Landscape and Tree Protection Report have been accepted, the reports are available on the right side of this page.

June Update.

All pre-commencement planning conditions have been discharged and the Materials Management Plan can now be found under the Related Documents on the right side of this page.

We are now making the final arrangements and will write to all Wyver Lane residents and interested persons to inform them of the remediation start date, this is likely to be in July.

 July Update.

The remediation works will commence on Monday 11th July 2011. A letter has been sent to all residents and identified users of Wyver Lane.

In the unlikely event that soil needs to be moved off-site we will contact residents beforehand. We will also write to residents to confirm the end of this phase of works.

The following minor amendments have been made to the scheme:

  • The location of the cottage wall to be removed to allow work access has been moved to the west to allow easier plant movements from the garden.
  • The garden wall will not be rebuilt, as originally intended. Instead a timber gate will be installed to allow continued direct access from the garden to the adjacent field.

August Update.

The remediation works have now been completed. No unexpected contamination was found, and no materials required removal from site.

Reports to verify the satisfactory completion of the works will be published on this web-page as soon as they are available; this should be before the end of August.

Although further works are required at the site, they will not involve potentially contaminated material, and will not involve the significant vehicle movements required by the remediation phase. Future works should not inconvenience local residents and users of the lane.

The Council did not receive any complaints regarding the scheme, and the cooperation and tolerance of the public has been greatly appreciated.

September Update.

Towards the end of the month planting and fencing work will start on the cottage garden and the field immediately south of the cottage.

Work to reinstate a silted-up ditch is also underway. The ditch runs west to east along the northern boundary of the field immediately south of the cottage. The ditch then runs north to south along the eastern boundary of the same field.

The ditch will be reinstated to improve drainage across the site and ensure the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust wetlands receive as much surface water as possible. Some trees and hedgerows will need to be removed to reinstate the ditch; this has been discussed and agreed with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

These works will not require significant vehicle movements and should not impact on local residents or users of Wyver Lane.

January Update.

The majority of remedial and landscaping works have now been completed. Planting is currently ongoing and is expected to be finished in early February.

Drainage ditch work around the north and eastern edge of the northern portion of the site has largely been completed, and has improved the flow of water across the site. The works have been successfully implemented with relatively little loss of trees\hedgerows. Detailing work at either end of the reinstated ditch is expected to be completed by the end of February.

The Validation Report detailing the successful remediation of the property is currently being prepared and will be published on this page, when it becomes available.

March Update.

All works relating to the remediation of the cottage and general landscaping has now been completed. The Validation Report can be found in the Related Documents section of this webpage.


March 21st - Remediation Complete.

The planning condition relating to the remediation of the site has now been discharged. There are no outstanding planning conditions.

All regulatory processes relating to the remediation are complete. Minor alterations to the reinstated drainage ditch will be undertaken in the near future, but it is not intended to update this webpage further.

The Council would like to thank anyone inconvenienced by this project for their patience.

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