Household Refuse & Recycling Collections

Amber Valley Borough Council is a Waste Collection Authority, and is responsible for providing a household waste collection service for its residents.

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (1990), every Local Authority in the UK is permitted to introduce schemes to encourage recycling and reduce waste being sent to landfill.

Amber Valley residents have their waste and recycling collected on alternate weeks, meaning that on one week your wheeled refuse bin will be emptied or purple bags collected and on the following week, all your recycling will be collected from your recycling bin or green recycling bags and yellow box.

When are my bins going to be emptied?

To find out when your next household waste and recycling collection is due, please enter your address details into the My Property section of the website.

Household Refuse Collection

The majority of properties in Amber Valley are issued with a standard 240ltr or 140ltr green wheeled bin for their refuse.  Those properties that are unable to have a wheeled refuse bin due to property locations or bin collection problems, will be issued with purple refuse bags instead.

Any property issued with purple refuse bags, may have a wheeled bin to store the bags in if required, but must place the bags out for collection on their scheduled collection day.

Refuse Bins

Information About Your Waste Collection

As extra waste may be produced at Christmas, we will take up to two bags of side waste with your wheeled bin. If your refuse collection is put out in purple bags, we will take up to six bags. (On the first collection after Christmas only)

We cannot collect your refuse bin if unsuitable items have been placed within, such as building waste, soil/turf, paint, car batteries, tree roots and branches over 3inch/7cm in diameter. Your refuse bin lid must be fully closed when placed out for emptying.

Please make sure your bin/bags are placed out for collection by 6:30am on your scheduled collection day.

Any missed collections must be reported by 12 noon on the next working day.

Household Recycling Collection

Every household (where possible), will be issued with a grey recycling bin.  The grey bin will enable you to start recycling plastics at home, recycle more cardboard at home, and to put all of your recyclable items in one bin.

Recycling Bins

Calendar -Page

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What shall I do if I can't fit all of my recycling inside the grey bin or green recycling bags? 

You can  use other containers for extra recycling (please do not put out your extra recycling in plastic carrier bags or bin bags and remember to keep your glass separate from other recyclable materials).

Do I need to take the inner caddy out of the grey bin on recycling collection day?

On collection day please put out your grey bin with the caddy inside.  However if your grey bin is full, place your caddy by the side of the bin.

Green Reycling Bags

If you currently use purple bags for your household waste, you will not receive a grey recycling bin.  You will however receive four green bags to use for your recycling.  One bag is to be used for recycling glass only, all other acceptable items listed above can be placed in the other three recycling bags.

Please make sure your bin or bags are placed out for collection by 6:30am on your scheduled collection day.

Communal Collections

There is a different waste collection system in place for residents who live in flats or residential complexes properties because they are provided with shared communal bins.  These bins are often larger 1100ltr or 660ltr wheeled bins for refuse and recycling. Sometimes the smaller 240ltr/140ltr wheeled bins may be used instead for recycling.

Communal recycling bins will be collected as scheduled on the refuse and recycling collection calendars. However, these bins will be collected from and returned to the bin compound by the refuse and recycling operatives.

Residents do not need to put these bins out for collection.

Amber Valley Borough Council's Waste Collection Policy

  • Bins / bags must be available for collection by 6.30am.
  • Bins / bags must be placed at the edge of your property for collection.
  • Refuse and recycling bins must be put out with the lids closed.
  • Bins that are too heavy will not be emptied.
  • Extra bags of waste will not be collected apart from during the Christmas period, road closures / adverse weather conditions.
  • Refuse bins will not be emptied if they contain unsuitable items such as soil / turf, building waste, paint, car batteries, tree roots / branches over 7cm wide.
  • Extra recycling will be collected throughout the year. Additional mixed recycling should be put out in containers such as plastic boxes. Please do not put out your extra recycling in plastic carrier bags or bin bags. Please keep your glass in a separate box.
  • Please do not squash your waste too tightly inside your bin, as the waste will not fall out when the bin is tipped into the refuse collection vehicle. If you do have waste stuck inside your bin please loosen it so that your bin can be emptied properly on your next scheduled collection day.
  • Please keep your bins on your property instead of leaving them on the pavement.
  • Please put out your bins for collection by 6.30am on your collection day and return them to your property as soon as possible after emptying.
  • Please report missed collections by 12 noon on the next working day.

Further information about your Refuse and Recycling Service

For more details about your waste collection service please read our leaflet or call us on 01773 841326.


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