Online Panel

Online Panel

Amber Valley Borough Council would like to invite residents to join its new online panel.

Members of the online panel are able to give the Council their views on local public services, local priorities and major issues in Amber Valley, simply by filling in quick, easy-to-use online surveys, which are sent personally to their chosen email address.

Anyone living in Amber Valley and aged 16 or over is eligible to join the online panel. All information received is securely and confidentially stored. Members of the panel will receive one electronic survey per month and each member can choose to opt out at any time.

Registering to the online panel takes just a few minutes. To become a member, click the registration icon below.






What is Amber Valley Borough Council's online panel?

Amber Valley Borough Council recognises the importance of engaging with and listening to its residents. The Council has undertaken postal resident surveys since 2001, which have identified what residents think about the Council and the services it provides. The Council now wishes to survey residents on a more regular basis to identify their opinions about what matters in their local area.

The online panel is another way in which the local community can participate in the Council's decision-making process. It provides an opportunity for residents to express their thoughts, ideas and concerns on a range of topics.

The online panel is a convenient and cost effective method to obtain community feedback on a range of topics and themes relating to the Council and the local community.

What will panel members do and how much time will it take up?

Members of the panel are invited via email to respond to an electronic survey once a month; most will take only a few minutes to complete. Information provided by the online panel will help the Council to better understand community views and to make important decisions about Amber Valley’s future.

Each panel member will be emailed a link to complete a survey. Surveys are generally open for two weeks and results will be posted online shortly after each survey has closed. Panel members do not have to complete all surveys.

Panel members will also receive an annual electronic newsletter highlighting a summary of the results of the surveys, and the extent to which the panel’s feedback has impacted on Council decisions and what actions have been taken as a result.

The Council will not ask about topics over which it has no control or ability to influence. Therefore all ideas, views and opinions put forward will be carefully considered and used to help make real developments and decisions.

What sort of issues will I be asked about?

The online panel is used to seek information on the Council's strategic objectives and decisions. Topics may be about the services we deliver, the environment or community assets and facilities. The Council may also seek feedback in relation to important local issues which arise throughout the year.


Your details will be held under the terms of the Data Protection Act (1998). This means that we will not pass your name or any of your personal details to another organisation.

Amber Valley Borough Council treats all personal information and individual comments with the strictest of confidence. The personal information of panel members is not linked with individual survey results. You as an individual will never be identified in any survey findings or reports.

How can you be part of the online panel?

If you want to be involved in providing your feedback, opinions and ideas on local activities and developments in the borough of Amber Valley, sign up by clicking the registration button above. Please only provide one email address.

If you change your mind about being a panel member, you can opt out at any time.

Please note you must be aged 16 years and over to join our online panel and be a resident of Amber Valley.

Why do we want to know personal details about you?

Asking for basic demographic information (gender, age, ethnicity and postcode) enables us to target questionnaires to people who are likely to use specific services or facilities.

Your personal details allow us to analyse the data gathered as part of any consultation by different categories. We can produce tables and reports based on gender, age, geographical area, service users, non-users etc. This adds value to any research we carry out.

We have a legal duty to promote equality and are also required by law to assess the impact of any Council policies/services/activities on the different equality groups in order to eliminate or reduce any adverse impacts on these groups.

The 'about you' questions help us to ensure that we are not discriminating against any individuals or groups on the grounds of their protected characteristics.



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