About your council services

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) now affecting many areas of our services to the residents and businesses of Amber Valley, we are keen to keep you right up-to-date with the changes we are being forced to make.

Please use the drop down menu below to read about each individual service.

If the service you are looking for is not listed, please contact our main reception on 01773 570222 or email enquiry@ambervalley.gov.uk.

We have also put together a list of network support services that are available during this time. Our health and safety team have also carried out a risk assessment of activities being carried out in the HQ and town hall building.

Business support, advice and guidance is available and posted at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/business/coronavirus-advice-for-businesses/.

The treasury and government continue to take measures to support businesses and while the small business grant and discretionary grants are now closed for application, funding is still available from other support agencies and you are encouraged to access the available guidance and support detailed.

Businesses are invited to complete the online mailing list form to allow us to keep you informed and to contact you, and cascade further information and support, including business grants as soon as these become live.

The cemeteries are now fully open as before, vehicle and pedestrian access are open. Please read more at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/community/birth-marriages-and-deaths/deaths-burials-and-cemeteries/cemeteries-and-funerals-during-the-covid-19-outbreak.

A revised schedule of meetings for the rest of the municipal year was agreed at a remote meeting of full council and has been published at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/council/committees-and-meetings

Meetings will be held remotely, using the Zoom platform, until further notice. The agenda and reports for all remotely held formal meetings, and the arrangements for access, will be published online in the normal way, at least five working days before the meeting, and will be available from the link above.

Members of the public will also be able to view the proceedings, whilst the meeting is taking place, from the council’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UCboVeHfv4Vp9sbkUj_3kG4w.

There will still be opportunities for public speaking, but you will need to register in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made. If you would like to speak at a council meeting, or have any queries relating to meetings, please contact democraticservices@ambervalley.gov.uk.

We won’t take any new recovery action if residents are temporarily unable to pay council tax, so in effect we have also postponed new debt recovery action for anyone falling into council tax or business rates arrears. Read more at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/council-tax/your-council-tax-during-the-covid-19-outbreak.

If you need help to pay your council tax because your income has reduced you can claim council tax support. This can be done online at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/benefits/council-tax-support/how-to-claim-council-tax-support

If you are already in receipt of Council Tax Support, but your income has reduced, or increased, please tell us about the change using our online form at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/benefits/change-in-circumstances.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 virus the way in which the council deliver community safety services has been affected. We do appreciate that people can still experience anti-social behaviour in the community and we aim to support you as much as possible during this difficult time. Whilst we are not conducting home visits at this time and investigations are limited in there scope as a result of this, we are still working closely with our colleagues at Derbyshire Constabulary and other partner agencies and are able to sign post and offer support to any member of the community suffering as a result of anti-social behaviour.

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour please contact Derbyshire Constabulary on 999 in an emergency, 101 to report an incident or use any of the other methods listed on the contact us section of their website at archive.derbyshire.police.uk/Contact-Us/Contact-Us.

Alternatively contact Amber Valley Borough Council on 01773 570222 during opening hours or visit www.ambervalley.gov.uk/community/community-safety/anti-social-behaviour

Please note: online enquiries will be monitored as frequently as possible during this difficult time but this is not an emergency response.  

As Coronavirus impacts on all of our lives we would like to assure residents that they are not on their own. An extensive network of support services is available – providing help, advice and important information.

You can view this full list at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/about-your-council-services/useful-contacts.

Derbyshire County Council's trading standards team is urging residents to be extra vigilant and keep themselves safe from scammers during the coronavirus outbreak. Working with Derbyshire police, trading standards officers are urging people to be wary of possible new coronavirus-related scams being used by doorstep callers and online fraudsters - keep up-to-date with the types of scams and how to report them.

The development management service is seeking to deliver timely planning decisions at this current time. Please note however meetings in person are suspended both in office and on site. The council’s website will be updated should this change in due course. Should you have any queries please contact planning administration on 01773 841571.

Government’s ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19): construction update Q&A’ announcement on construction site working hours to enable social distancing working practices (13 May 2020) available at www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-construction-update-qa.

A revised schedule of planning board meetings for the rest of the municipal year has now been agreed, and has been published at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/council/committees-and-meetings.

Meetings will be held remotely, using the Zoom platform, until further notice.

The agenda and reports for these, and the arrangements for remote access, will continue to be published at least five working days before the meeting and made available from www.ambervalley.gov.uk/council/committees-and-meetings.

As each agenda is published, the applicant/agent for an application that is to be considered, and any members of the public that have made representations about that application, will also be advised that the item is to be considered by the board, and how to make a request to speak at the meeting.

Members of the public will also be able to view the proceedings, whilst the meeting is taking place, from the council’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UCboVeHfv4Vp9sbkUj_3kG4w.

We recognise the importance of keeping our development management function operating, and to comply with our determination deadlines as far as possible, and we ask all applicants, agents and interested parties to please recognise that we are working as hard as we can to ensure appropriate development in Amber Valley is not delayed.

The borough elections and PCC election scheduled to be held on 7 May 2020 have now been postponed until May 2021.

If any registration or election advice is required please contact:

The election page on our website will also have up to date information, this can be found at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/councillors-and-elections/elections.

During the present COVID-19 crisis we are still able to offer a pest control service. However, we cannot treat if a person is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and self isolating. The risk will be assessed at the time of booking. If a treatment is refused please understand that it is for the health and safety of yourself and our operatives at this time.

The health and safety of our staff and customers is paramount, therefore we would request that when our operative visits

  • For an external treatment you remain inside the property.
  • For an internal treatment you maintain strict social distancing. Our operative will be wearing full personal protective equipment and you will need to stay in another room whilst the treatment is conducted.
  • Payment will not be taken at the time of the visit. You will be contacted within 24 hours of the visit by a member of our admin staff who will take payment over the phone by debit or credit card.

Our helplines with regard to pollution, food and safety, found and lost dogs, envirocrime and landscape services are still accessible on 01773 841326 and 01773 841335.

Government’s ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19): construction update Q&A’ announcement on construction site working hours to enable social distancing working practices (13 May 2020) available at www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-construction-update-qa.

On 23 March the Government, stepped up measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and save lives. Certain food businesses were required to close. Takeaway and delivery services have been able to remain open and operational in line with guidance on social distancing. Full Guidance on which businesses can open and which must remain closed can be found at www.gov.uk/government/publications/further-businesses-and-premises-to-close/further-businesses-and-premises-to-close-guidance.

Guidance on social distancing measures that you need to take can be found at www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19.

Further guidance can be found at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/business/food-safety/covid-19-advice-for-food-businesses.

Although we will still attempt to deal with FOI requests they are not currently considered a priority for our staff and so there are likely to be delays in responding.

Due to the concerns regarding COVID-19, the Housing Solutions and Home Options teams will now be working remotely until further notice.

We do not have the ability to receive phone calls directly so please contact us by email and we will reply or call you back ASAP. Please use the email addresses as follows:

To keep incoming phone calls in our absence to a minimum, please contact us by email but if you can’t then please call 01773 570222.

For out of hours emergency homeless cases phone Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190.

Rent arrears

The government has made statements about providing protection from eviction to provide greater security for renters that might be struggling to pay their rent.

New legislation will increase the minimum notice period for landlords from two months to three months.

The council is urging any tenant that is struggling to meet their rental costs to firstly talk to their landlord and don’t just withhold your rent. We know that many landlords are being very supportive and we thank them.

We are asking all landlords to maintain dialogue with their tenants and be understanding of their circumstances.

The key is communication through this difficult time.


The Residential Landlords Association have produced some guidance for landlords.

Complaints about rented accommodation and empty properties

Our officers are working from home and will not be completing home visits. We will try and help provide advice and assistance wherever possible.

Adaptations and Disabled Facility Grants

All approved disabled facility grants are on hold and will be progressed once the guidance has changed. We are working to progress cases as much as we can so that we will be ready to move things on.

If you have any concerns about your ongoing welfare then please contact Call Derbyshire.


All Amber Valley leisure centres are now open but visitors must book before attending.

Some Walking for Health events are resuming as of week commencing 31 August 2020 but please check with us prior to attending so we can confirm what is running. Keep an eye on the AV Walking for Health Facebook page which we will use for updates and announcements.

The government have announced that pubs, bars and restaurants can open to the public from 4 July. Guidance on keeping workers and customers safe can be found at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/licensing.

The government have issued further guidance on how to maintain records of staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace.  This can be found at www.gov.uk/guidance/maintaining-records-of-staff-customers-and-visitors-to-support-nhs-test-and-trace.

The licensing department is currently contactable by email at licensing@ambervalley.gov.uk

Further information relating to taxi’s services, applications and the latest guidance from the Department for Transport can be found at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/licensing/taxi-and-private-hire-vehicle-licensing/coronavirus-advice-for-hackney-carriage-and-private-hire-vehicles/

Drivers wishing to book their vehicles in at the garage for a 6 month or 12 month taxi test can now contact the licensing section on 01773 841637 and the booking will be made with the garage by the licensing section.

All licensing applications can be sent to the department's email address and some applications may be submitted online via GOV.UK. Further details on temporary amendments to applications can be found at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/licensing.

Licensing notices for pending new/variation premises licences, together with further details of these applications can be viewed in the public notices section of our website at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/council/public-notices.

If you have applied for a Temporary Event Notice that will have to be cancelled due to the current circumstances, please notify the department as soon as possible.

Licences for street collections will not be permitted until further notice.

For initial information regarding licensing of animal activities please phone 01773 841335 or email envhealth@ambervalley.gov.uk, full information can be found at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/licensing/animal-welfare/covid-19-advice-for-people-with-animals.

There is currently a considerable delay to the service provision of both local land charges searches and personal searches.

However please continue to submit your search requests in the usual way either through one of the commercial hubs or directly to land.charges@ambervalley.gov.uk.

We will endeavour to process and return your search requests as quickly as possible.

Amber Valley welcomes back all traders to the markets in Amber Valley. 

Alfreton Indoor Market 
Now open for food and non-essential traders. To ensure the safety of traders and customers, access and egress to and from the market is via the front door only. Aisles have been widen where possible and a one way system has been introduced.

The public toilets currently remain closed.

Fruit and veg stalls offering an over the counter services and an ordering facility for delivery or collection. Denise can be contacted on 07495 518384.

The butchery is currently an ordering and delivery service. From Thursday 25 June, an over the counter service will be available. Customers encouraged to preorder to avoid disappointment. The butcher can be contacted on 07794 283917 or mrkbutcher@gmail.com.

Most stalls now offering card payments – see individual stall holders for details

Visit the market facebook page for information and keep up to date at https://en-gb.facebook.com/groups/381480145375745.   

Heanor and Ripley markets
Open on a Friday and Saturday – social distancing in place. Many stall holders offering a card payment facility and click and collect facilities. Please see individual stall holders for more information

The public toilets are now open and a cleaning regime in place.


We normally receive an increase in the number of complaints about noise and nuisances, including bonfires, smells and waste accumulations, during the warmer spring/summer months and we appreciate that new and existing issues may be felt more keenly as more people are required to stay at home. Please consider your neighbours at all times, whether you are catching up on jobs around the house or pursuing hobbies; be aware that your neighbours may be ill or trying to work from home. Advice on how we investigate complaints can be found on our website at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/environment/pollution/statutory-nuisance-and-noise.

Wherever possible, we are continuing to follow our usual complaints investigation procedure, but we would appreciate your help in trying to resolve disputes informally at this difficult time for everyone. Noise/nuisance monitoring forms can be posted or sent by e-mail (if you do not request this when you contact us, they will be posted) and completed forms can be copied/photographed and emailed back to us, if you are unable to leave the house. Be aware that, as we are all legally required to observe social distancing rules, we may be unable to undertake the level of investigation necessary for formal action at this time, which would normally include visiting your own premises and those of the person causing the noise/nuisance, or to install noise recording equipment.  

Please continue to telephone us on 01773 841335 during normal office hours; email us at envadmin@ambervalley.gov.uk; or complete our online enquiry form at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/contact-us/online-enquiry and we will contact you to provide advice as quickly as we can. In an emergency situation outside normal office hours, please see the advice at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/council/emergencies.

The borough council’s car parks remain open as usual, enforcement of all contraventions continue.

All council owned play areas, outdoor fitness areas and skate parks are now open, please follow the user signs and government guidance to ensure the safe use of the equipment.

Splash pads at Heanor and Ripley, and the rowing boats at Belper River Gardens, remain closed.

When visiting parks for exercise, people are required to practice social distancing and remain at least 2 metres apart. Toilets within parks are currently closed and some other facilities will see maintenance reduced to enable resources to be directed to higher priority services.

Please do not approach any council employees who you may see working within a park.

All public events on council land are now cancelled for at least the next 3 months.

All services delivered by the planning policy team, including work relating to the preparation of a new local plan and support for neighbourhood planning, continue to be accessible as usual at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy or by contacting the team either by email at ldf@ambervalley.gov.uk or by telephone on 01773 841584.

Our main reception and town centre office is now closed to the public. We are committed to providing a service to our residents and businesses and are asking people to contact us by phone or email only.

  • Telephone – 01773 570222
  • Email – enquiry@ambervalley.gov.uk

Our refuse team will continue to collect your household waste and recycling on your scheduled days, however, please be aware that there may be service delays in your area. You can find up to date information at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/rubbish-waste-and-recycling/missed-bins-and-service-disruptions/.

We are aware that there will now be more parked cars on residential streets due to the government lock down and home working, please be considerate with parking so the refuse vehicles have access to your street.

We anticipate having sufficient staff numbers to restart the garden waste service on Wednesday 13 May 2020. Read full updates at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/rubbish-waste-and-recycling/garden-waste.

Our trade waste refuse service is running as normal, however the trade waste recycling collections will be resumed on Monday 27 April 2020.

We will continue to provide household refuse, recycling and clinical waste collections and also trade waste refuse collections for as long as we are able. We apologise to residents and businesses that are affected, and we will resume full collections as soon as resources allow us to do so.

We are now taking requests again for bulky waste and electrical items, the first collections will be week commencing 18 May 2020. We will do our best to accommodate all requests however please be advised that if we receive a large number of requests we may have to defer some collections until the following week. Please contact our refuse team on 01773 841326 or email refuse@ambervalley.gov.uk to make a request.

We are experiencing a lot of litter bins in Amber Valley being filled with household waste. We are appealing to the public to stop doing this as clearing this rubbish is taking up valuable resources that are needed elsewhere. Your refuse and recycling bins are still being emptied and not disposing of your waste in the correct manner is an offence.

Derbyshire County Council have now taken the decision to close the household waste recycling centre at Loscoe

We must advise participants to cancel or postpone road closures due to take place in the foreseeable future. This is due to the Coronavirus emergency and consequent government guidance and recent announcement.  

During the present pandemic, both the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor of Amber Valley will not be able to undertake any civic engagements.

A Community Response Unit for Derbyshire is being established as part of the government’s plan to have a network of 'hubs' across the country. These will provide targeted support for those people who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) because of an underlying health condition.

Full details can be found at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/council/news/community-response-unit.

Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 570222 or email enquiry@ambervalley.gov.uk