Public open spaces

A number of CCTV cameras are in use within the borough for the purposes of the prevention and detection of crime, the maintenance of public order, the reduction of anti-social behaviour, including nuisance and vandalism and the enhancement of a sense of safety by the public. The way in which the cameras are used, the manner in which data is collected and the way in which it is disclosed are very carefully controlled. 

The Data Protection Act 2018 allows individuals to request CCTV footage. Requests can be made in relation to:

  • police investigations
  • legal proceedings/ insurance purposes
  • the right to access (also known as subject access requests)

To submit a request for access to our CCTV please complete our online request form.

CCTV locations

  • High St/Chapel St Street Alfreton 
  • Institute Lane – Alfreton 
  • King Street – Belper 
  • Bridge St opposite Derwent St – Belper 
  • Derby Rd o/s Memory Lane – Heanor
  • Church St/Market St – Heanor
  • Market St/Church St – Heanor (Opp Ray Street)
  • Wall St/church St – Ripley 
  • Nottingham Rd/Church St – Ripley
  • Grosvenor Road – Ripley
  • Nottingham Road/Booth Street – Ripley 
  • Oxford Street – Ripley

Domestic use

Please read our domestic CCTV guidance leaflet for further information.

Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 841652 or email