Concerns about an adult

Amber Valley Borough Council are committed to preventing the abuse and neglect of people in Derbyshire and this page provides information on how and where to report your concerns.

If you've experienced abuse, are currently experiencing it, or suspect someone else is then there are people and organisations that can help.

If you are worried about your safety or the safety of another adult or child or want to report abuse:

There may be times when some information will need to be shared with other professional agencies, in the interests of the vulnerable adult or for the protection of the general public, but you will be kept informed of any action taken.

Always act whenever abuse is suspected. Your disclosure will be given protection under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

Who is at risk of abuse?

Any adult can be at risk of abuse but the following are likely to be particularly vulnerable:

  • a person with mental ill health, physical or learning disability, illness or age related frailty
  • someone who is less able to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation
  • people dependent upon carers or others who are under stress
  • people living in difficult community settings such as shared hostels
  • people who due to their race, faith, religion or sexuality are at risk of being subjected to hate crime.

All forms of abuse are unacceptable and we all have a responsibility to report all incidents and concerns of suspected abuse.

What is abuse?

Abuse is defined as any action that intentionally harms or injures another person. There are several major types of abuse:

  • financial abuse
  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • substance abuse
  • elder abuse
  • psychological abuse
  • discriminatory abuse
  • wilful neglect
  • hate crime.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is used to describe violence from one partner towards another. It can be directed against the man, woman, child or an elderly parent or relative. It can include a range of treatment, mental and sexual abuse as well as physical assaults.

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Hate crime

Hate crime is subjecting people to abuse because of their race, faith, religion, disability or because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Hate crime can take many forms:

  • physical attacks
  • harassment
  • threats
  • disputes with your neighbours
  • people swearing at you or making abusive remarks
  • people doing things that frighten, intimidate or distress you
  • bullying at school or college
  • arson
  • spitting, insulting gestures

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Contacting our community safety team directly

Our community safety team can be contacted directly on 01773 570222 ext 1652, or emailed at Please note that the extension number and email inbox is only monitored during our office opening hours.

Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 570222 ext 1652 or email