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Agenda Ref Doc Title File Size
01 Agenda Agenda for Full Council Meeting - 29th February 2012 45kb
02 Minutes Minutes of the Full Council Meeting - 29th February 2012 51kb
03 Item 13(a) General Fund Revenue Budget Requirement 2012-13 52kb
04 Item 13(a) Appendix A General Fund Revenue Summary 16kb
05 Item 13(a) Appendix C Variances on 2011-12 Budgets 16kb
06 Item 13(a) Appendix D Risk Analysis 12kb
07 Item 13(a) Appendix E Actual Savings 2011-12 16kb
08 Item 13(a) Appendix F 2012 Budget Reduction Action Plan 10kb
09 Item 13(a) Appendix G Financial Plan 2012-15 59kb
10 Item 13(b) Setting the Council Tax 2012-13 61kb
11 Item 13(b) Appendix Table 1 - Resolution 2.3i) Combined Borough and Area Amounts for each Band 14kb
12 Item 13(b) Appendix Table 2 - Resolution 2.5 Council Tax for each band 16kb
13 Item 13(c) Draft Derbyshire Infrastructure Plan & Developer Contributions Protocol - Consultation by Derbyshire County Council 32kb
14 Item 13(d) Resignation of Councillor A M Hall 20kb
15 Item 14(a) Planning Gain on Difficult Housing Sites 33kb
16 Item 16(a) Review of Council Accommodation (Confidential) 529kb
17 Item 16(a) Appendix A Review of Council Accommodation (Confidential) 22kb
18 Item 16(a) Appendix B Review of Council Accommodation (Confidential) 62kb
19 Item 16(a) Appendix C Review of Council Accommodation (Confidential) 130kb
20 Item 16(a) Appendix D Review of Council Accommodation (Confidential) 32kb
21 Item 16(a) Appendix E Review of Council Accommodation (Confidential) 15kb
22 Item 16(b) Ripley Gateway - Update (Confidential) 26kb
23 Minute Book Minute Book Index 110kb
24 Minute Book Minutes of the Full Council Meeting - 18th January 2012 59kb
25 Minute Book Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting - 25th January 2012 19kb
26 Minute Book Minutes of the Planning Board Meeting - 16th January 2012 25kb
27 Minute Book Minutes of the Planning Board Meeting - 13th February 2012 21kb
28 Minute Book Minutes of the Appeals Board Meeting - 26th January 2012 16kb
29 Minute Book Minutes of the Governance and Audit Board Meeting - 30th January 2012 20kb
30 Minute Book Minutes of the Improvement and Scrutiny Committee Meeting - 1st February 2012 25kb
31 Minute Book Minutes of the Improvement and Scrutiny Committee - 22nd February 2012 23kb


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