Results - 7 May 2015

Area: Alfreton - East pre elec party:
Bennett Pat (LAB)694 (E)
Cantrill David (CON)526
Hunt Peter Nicholas (LAB)628 (E)
Walker John Anthony (LAB)777 (E)
Walker Scott John (LAB)667 (E)
Wood Keith (LAB)595 (E)
Woodhouse Philip Geoffrey (LAB)551 (E)
Turnout: 57.82%

Area: Alfreton - West pre elec party:
Bennett Marlene (LAB)1094 (E)
Dolman Gail (LAB)903 (E)
Gdula Jen (LAB)836 (E)
Kerry Mary Angela (LAB)801 (E)
Marshall-Clarke Steve (LAB)861 (E)
Moss Kat (CON)871 (E)
O'Brien Cheryl Joyce (LAB)745 (E)
Richardson Alan (LAB)780 (E)
Smith Josh (LAB)750 (E)
Webster Wendy (LAB)701
Turnout: 15.82%

Area: Belper - Central pre elec party:
Angharad Carol (LAB)942
Blackett Jackie (GRE)608
Booth Daniel Joseph (CON)1218 (E)
Cluskey Melvyne (CON)1040 (E)
Fisher David Edgar (UKI)496
Hurst Peter William (CON)951 (E)
Johnston Geoff (LAB)777
McCullough John Francis (GRE)471
Nelson John (CON)1121 (E)
Parker Chris (GRE)392
Watson Dick (LAB)879
Wells Dave (GRE)578
Wilkes Keith Richard (UKI)385
Turnout: 15.92%

Area: Belper - East pre elec party:
Allison Sean Nigel (CON)1343 (E)
Atkinson Fay (LAB)1006
Bellamy Ben (LAB)1014
Bull Charles Norman (CON)1348 (E)
Charlton Kay Marie (CON)1310 (E)
Devine John Harry (GRE)408
England Colin (CON)1305 (E)
Howard Kate (GRE)451
Macfarlane William (GRE)348
Porter John Christopher (LAB)767
Snape Roy (UKI)712
Wozniczka Julie Christine (GRE)331
Turnout: 19.57%

Area: Belper - North pre elec party:
Banks John Phillip (LAB)800
Beavis Mike (GRE)663
Booth Joseph William (CON)1121 (E)
Devine Sandy (GRE)556
Fisher Sally Ann (UKI)578
Harrison Ashley John (UKI)576
Holden Steve (LAB)786
Jones Mike (GRE)607
Macfarlane Sue (GRE)822
McCready Neil (CON)1093 (E)
Spendlove Gary (CON)1065 (E)
Sutton Timothy Robert (CON)918 (E)
Turnout: 19.85%

Area: Belper - South pre elec party:
Arnold Peter John (CON)1100 (E)
Brooks James Major John (GRE)476
Broughton Alan Thomas (LAB)902
Devine Sue (GRE)602
Ferrett Nansy (GRE)499
Hillier Paul Alexander (CON)1081 (E)
Johnsen Erik William Arne (LAB)771
Lloyd-Selby Ashleigh (UKI)638
Miller Ben (CON)986 (E)
Neville Maurice (LAB)748
Shepherd Peter (LAB)751
Smith David (CON)1003 (E)
Taylor Phil (GRE)419
Turnout: 15.30%

Area: Codnor - Crosshill & East pre elec party:
Moon Anna Gwendoline Elizabeth (LAB)171 (E)
Moon Bob (LAB)187 (E)
Phillips-Forsyth Robert Andrew Paul (CON)327 (E)
Whittall Mike (LAB)132
Turnout: 22.15%

Area: Duffield pre elec party:
Buckle Pauline (CON)1537 (E)
Evanson Steven Michael (CON)1454 (E)
Greenwood Paul (CON)1343 (E)
Greenwood Yvonne Kathryn Margaret (CON)1353 (E)
Knibbs Richard (CON)1259 (E)
Raynor Kenneth John (CON)1231 (E)
Rice Francis John (CON)1226 (E)
Rowlands John Cellan (CON)1329 (E)
Short Chris (CON)1387 (E)
Storer Nick (CON)1151 (E)
Woodings Tony (CON)1298 (E)
Woodings MBE Brenda Jean (CON)1318 (E)
Zydzienowski David (IND)972
Turnout: 17.52%

Area: Hazelwood pre elec party:
Angold Martin George ()96 (E)
Harris Judy ()109 (E)
Heath Richard Stephen ()116 (E)
Walford Arthur Hugh ()68
Walker Keith ()95 (E)
Wall Glen ()113 (E)
Turnout: 17.61%

Area: Heanor East pre elec party:
Aistrop Barrie Roy (LAB)1283 (E)
Burrell Mark Anthony (CON)1195 (E)
Gration Brian (LAB)1085
Gration Carol Lesley (LAB)1092 (E)
Hamilton Eileen (LAB)1100 (E)
Lynch Anthony James (LAB)1075
Oakes Sheila Gwendoline (LAB)1096 (E)
Stevenson Alexander George (CON)1191 (E)
Thomas Paul Frederick (CON)1086
Thomas Ruth Helen (CON)1199 (E)
White Anne Elizabeth (LAB)1045
Turnout: 15.76%

Area: Heanor Loscoe pre elec party:
Aldwinckle Geoffrey (UKI)1018 (E)
Emmas-Williams Christopher (LAB)885
Flint Brian (LAB)1008 (E)
Iliffe Richard Henry (CON)986 (E)
Iliffe Susan (CON)960 (E)
Longdon Alan (LAB)973 (E)
Longdon Heather (LAB)945 (E)
Moon Anna Gwendoline Elizabeth (LAB)873
Moon Bob (LAB)907
Stirland Hannah Mary (LAB)934 (E)
Turnout: 18.33%

Area: Ironville pre elec party:
Bates John Thomas ()145 (E)
Bird Pete ()87
Brown Jack Watson (CON)438 (E)
Brown Kath (CON)358 (E)
Clark Peter (CON)288 (E)
Cope Pam ()213 (E)
Daniel Rachel Louise (CON)268 (E)
Hutsby-Bird Yvonne ()106
Rodgers Michael ()92
Smith Paul James (LAB)352 (E)
Tailby Robert Edward Morris (CON)236 (E)
Walker Alan Roy ()119
Warriner Paula ()141
Whitehouse Kathleen (CON)305 (E)
Turnout: 12.69%

Area: Quarndon pre elec party:
Cunningham John Hunter ()341 (E)
Curzon Richard Francis Nathaniel ()114
Harris Bryan ()374 (E)
Hodson Paul Brian ()327 (E)
Knight David Henry ()332 (E)
Pitt Matthew (IND)311 (E)
Richardson James Hadden ()321 (E)
Rossel Christian ()279 (E)
Small Andrew James ()254 (E)
Turner Clare ()354 (E)
Walton Stephen Anthony ()245
Turnout: 14.54%

Area: Ripley - Central pre elec party:
Ashton Ronald Philip (CON)729 (E)
Cox Lyndsay Delyth (LAB)504 (E)
Warton-Woods Ian (LAB)306
Turnout: 24.41%

Area: Ripley - East pre elec party:
Carter Sean David (CON)1000 (E)
Emmas-Williams Roland (LAB)959 (E)
Fisher Ian (LAB)765 (E)
Jones Matthew Gareth (LAB)745 (E)
Missett Michael John (LAB)725 (E)
Parkin Paula Ann (UKI)721
Tester Antony Thomas (LAB)667
Turnout: 18.08%

Area: Ripley - Heage pre elec party:
Benson Timothy Gerard (LAB)442
Blakeman Mitch (UKI)437
Farrelly David (LAB)651 (E)
Joyes Lynn (CON)868 (E)
Lobley Paul (LAB)500 (E)
Turnout: 20.09%

Area: Ripley - Marehay pre elec party:
Smith Garry Alan (UKI)281
Wilson Michael John Eric Vincent (LAB)353 (E)
Turnout: 15.12%

Area: Ripley - North pre elec party:
Boles Patsy Anne (LAB)322
Emmas-Williams Sheila (LAB)422 (E)
Moss Paul Colin (CON)704 (E)
Turnout: 19.26%

Area: South Wingfield pre elec party:
Birkin Nellie ()286 (E)
Bonsall Carole Ann ()217 (E)
Greenhalgh Joy ()297 (E)
Handforth Chris ()200
Jackson Paul Stephen ()230 (E)
Johnston Geoffrey (LAB)259 (E)
Lancaster Kathryn Rebecca ()359 (E)
Lenton Wayne ()171
Miln Jo ()301 (E)
Renshaw Mark James ()289 (E)
Thorpe Valerie ()640 (E)
Vaughan Richard Charles Wynn ()252 (E)
Turnout: 17.18%

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