Your council tax during the Covid-19 outbreak

In an official statement published by Local Government, Secretary Robert Jenrick said that: "The government is working intensively with the local government sector to ensure the most vulnerable people in society are supported while protecting the local economy."

As part of the money put forward by the government, local authorities will receive a grant of £500 million split between them to support economically vulnerable individuals and households.

The government expects most of this funding to be used to provide more council tax relief, either through existing local council tax support schemes, or through complementary support schemes.

Although local councils are taking the burden of paying council tax into consideration, as it stands, most households will have to keep paying council tax as normal at the moment, during the Covid-19 outbreak. It is up to the local authority of each individual council to decide whether residents in that borough will receive help in paying council tax or receive any council tax support during the coronavirus pandemic.

We won’t take any new recovery action if residents are temporarily unable to pay council tax, so in effect we have also postponed new debt recovery action for anyone falling into council tax or business rates arrears.

Residents should continue to pay council tax as normal if possible and apply for council tax support if appropriate. You can apply for council tax support online or by contacting 01773 841470.

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