Banana skin offence costs local man £462

A Langley Mill man slipped up over a dropped banana skin, which landed him with a bill of £462.00.

Ian Wells, of Cromford Road, appeared before Derby Magistrates Court on 14November, after dropping the banana skin on Mansfield Road in Heanor, and refusing to accept a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). He attempted to appeal the FPN using the Council’s internal procedure, but the appeal was refused.

Mr Wells was informed that the appeal was refused, by letter, because banana peel and other types of vegetation, such as apple cores, take months to break down and decompose whilst on the Borough’s streets. They also pose a slipping hazard and attract insects and vermin. Such action also encourages others to deposit similar litter and vegetation.

The Magistrates imposed a fine of £220.00, and ordered him to pay costs of £212.50 and Victim Surcharge of £30.00, a total of £462.50 to pay within 28 days.

Commented Amber Valley Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, Cllr Chris Short: “If everyone disposed of their apple cores and banana skins in this manner our streets would soon be dirty, unsightly and dangerous. It is important that all litter is disposed of responsibly and we will always take action when we see littering offences being committed.”

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