Council agrees to sign dying to work charter

Amber Valley Borough Council’s commitment to be a model employer was strengthened at its latest Full Council meeting on 14 November, when Members agreed to sign the TUC’s Dying To Work Charter, recognising that terminal illness requires special support, security, understanding and peace of mind.

Employers who commit to the Charter agree to provide additional employment protection to cover circumstances where terminally ill employees could be dismissed because of their illness.

Support for terminally ill employees can include providing occupational health services, advice and guidance on the impact of ill health on work and what steps may be taken. Employees would also be offered a counselling service to discuss concerns relating to work and personal circumstances.

Commented, Leader of the Council, Cllr Kevin Buttery: “The Council values the contribution of its employees in the delivery and maintenance of quality services to the community, and will be sensitive to support those suffering the effects of ill health. We fully support the TUC’s Dying To Work Campaign and are very happy to become the latest employer to commit to this excellent initiative.”

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