Plans to extend dog control order

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A new order, aimed at controlling dogs in all public spaces and requiring owners to remove dog faeces, is being proposed by Amber Valley Borough Council.

The council’s cabinet will consider the Public Spaces Protection Order when it meets on Wednesday 19 June and decide on whether to consult the public on the proposals.

The new order would introduce the following terms:

  • a requirement to remove dog faeces from all land to which the public are entitled to have access
  • a requirement that a person in charge of a dog on any land open to the public must be able to demonstrate to an enforcement officer that they have suitable means in their possession for cleaning up dog faeces, for example a suitable bag
  • a requirement for dogs to be kept on a lead in specified cemeteries and burial grounds; and
  • a prohibition on allowing a dog to enter a children’s play area within parks and open spaces.

Failure to comply with the order would carry a maximum penalty upon conviction of £1,000. Alternatively, the alleged offender may be offered the opportunity of discharging any liability to prosecution for the offence by payment of a fixed penalty of £60 if paid within 10 days and £100 if paid between 11 and 28 days after issue.

If the cabinet agrees, the council will consult on the proposed order with all parish councils, the County Council, borough and county councillors, the Police and Crime Commissioner, the RSPCA, the Dogs’ Trust, parochial church councils and members of parliament.

Portfolio Holder for environment, Cllr John McCabe, commented: “This order would provide our enforcement officers with much greater power to tackle the serious anti-social problem of dog fouling in public places. Apart from being unsightly, dog faeces poses a significant health hazard, and dog owners need to be made aware of their responsibilities in cleaning up after their animals, and if not, suffer the consequences.”

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