Amber Valley publishes latest Local Plan proposals

The papers for the next full meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council on 4 March have been published today (22 February) and include specific recommendations for changes to the existing Green Belt boundary and additional housing sites at the following locations

  • Outseats Farm, Alfreton
  • Far Laund, Belper
  • Alfreton Road, Codnor
  • Crosshill, Codnor
  • Cumberhills Road, Duffield
  • Wirksworth Road, Duffield
  • Chesterfield Road, Heage
  • Ilkeston Road, Heanor
  • Peatburn Avenue, Heanor
  • Newlands Road, Riddings
  • Derby Road, Ripley
  • Heage Road, Ripley
  • Nottingham Road, Ripley
  • Pear Tree Avenue, Ripley
  • Upper Marehay Road, Ripley

The papers also include a recommendation that two parcels of land in Belper should become new areas of Green Belt, thereby increasing their protection from future development.

Although concerns have been raised about the proposed removal of land from the Green Belt within the villages of Mapperley and Marehay, the papers show that each village will still have a defined Green Belt boundary. It is unlikely that the proposed changes will result in any material increase in development, with the expected opportunities within each village being limited to small-scale development of any vacant plots, or the extension, alteration or redevelopment of existing properties.

If the recommendations are approved, the proposed changes will be published for a period of 6 weeks, to enable public representations to be made on them. Any representations will then be forwarded direct to the Government’s Planning Inspector for her consideration as part of the Local Plan examination. It is anticipated that the examination will resume in May/June.  

Meetings of the full council are open to the public. There is seating for about 25 people at the rear of the council chamber which is usually sufficient. Under no circumstances can this capacity be exceeded, due to fire regulations, but the proceedings can be broadcast to those who are unable to access the council chamber via a loudspeaker in the barrel vault entrance.

Anyone who wishes to speak at the meeting should notify Rebecca Smith on 01773 841631 or email in advance with their name and address and the subject matter they wish to speak about. Public speaking is usually limited to 20 minutes, with 3 minutes per speaker, but this may be extended in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Mayor, who chairs the meeting.

There will be a maximum of one objecting and one supporting speaker for each of the sites being considered and any remaining speaking opportunities will be allocated on a ‘first come-first served basis’ to other interested parties.

The papers for the full council meeting are available at

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