Results of public perception surveys

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our recent perception surveys. As we’re making changes to the public realm, it’s important to understand how people feel about the spaces as they are today, and how they are when complete. We will open the survey’s again at points where significant progress is made.

Below are the collated responses for all who participated. The lower the score, the worse it scored.

Question Marketplace Grammar school Whysall Street
How does it look aesthetically? 2.19 1.33 1.37
How clean and well maintained do you feel it is? 2.44 1.14 1.54
How would you rate current anti-social behaviour at the former Grammar School? 3.25 2.18 2.75
How would you rate the quality of the site? 2.13 1.57 1.65
How well do you feel the current site meets the needs of the community? 2.18 0.88 1.63
Would you say the current site and immediate surroundings prioritise pedestrians and encourage people to stop and spend time? 2.25 1 1.45

The scores as we’d expected are low, with all except ASB at the marketplace receiving less than 3. In addition to the scores, we asked for words from a list to create a word cloud for each site. All of the negative words are featured highly, which is shown when generating the word cloud (for information, the more a word is repeated, the larger it is on a word cloud).

We also asked for any general comments for each scheme. We had a large number of those and don’t have enough time to respond to all of them. The surveys could be completed anonymously to allow respondents to say what they felt without prejudice. As such, we’ve collated as many as we can and where there are themes, responded in one go in a video for each scheme below. Watch our May 2023 update video in response to the surveys.


Watch our update video about the marketplace developments.

This is the word cloud from the marketplace.  If you were not aware, we are undertaking a redesign of the marketplace. For more information about the schemes, look at our page at

Former Grammar School

Watch our update video about the Grammar School developments.

The word cloud for this site is below. If you live locally you’ll have seen activity increase. Strip-out works have taken place, and work has started on the roof.

We also asked for name suggestions for the former school, we’re working through those.

Whysall Street

Watch our update video about the Whysall Street developments.

A familiar theme is shown for the Whysall Street land. The site has been advertised with Estates Gazette and aims to deliver quality affordable homes in a central location aligned with the objectives of the Future High Streets Fund.

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