With Coronavirus (COVID-19) now affecting many areas of our services to the residents and businesses of Amber Valley, we are keen to keep you right up-to-date with the changes we are being forced to make. Read more about your council services.

Amber Valley Borough Council is committed to being open and transparent about how we work, our decision-making processes and the services we provide.

We have used the local government transparency code, which recommends the data sets councils should make available as a minimum, as a starting point for deciding what information we should make available.

The data on this page is published under the open government license and is available for you to re-use as you like, including for commercial and research activities.

Please use the links below to view the data available under the local government transparency code:

  • Spending over £500
    Details of each individual invoice of expenditure that exceeds £500.
  • Tenders and contracts
    Invitations to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services for us, along with details of any contracts with a value over £5,000.
  • Local authority land
    The asset register identifies all land and buildings owned or leased by the council.
  • Organisational chart
    The organisational chart showing the structure of the local authority.
  • Organisational chart - top 3 levels
    The organisational chart showing the top 3 levels of the local authority.
  • Trade unions
    We have a total of 4 members of staff who are union representatives. UNISON, GMB, and UNITE are represented in the council.
  • Car park locations
    Full information on our car parks, including locations, charges and hours of stay.
  • Pay policy 2021
    Including employee salaries and grades, senior employee salaries, and pay multiples.
  • Constitution
    The constitution sets out how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.
  • Budget reduction plan 2021 - 2025
    Our plans and target savings, including current status. Also available is a letter to Mazars LLP in reference to the budget reduction plan.
  • Code of corporate governance and draft annual governance statement 2020/21
    Governance is about how Amber Valley Borough Council ensures it is doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time to deliver our objectives. It is made up of all the systems, processes, culture and behaviours which direct and control the way in which we work and through which we account to, engage with and lead our communities. This code of corporate governance applies to the council’s elected members, officers and partnership arrangements.

Further documents relating to our budget and spending, including statement of accounts and annual audit can be viewed on our budgets and spending page.

If you have concerns over malpractice, we want you to raise the matter so that the council can investigate and put things right. View our raising concerns leaflet to find out more.

If you require any of the above documents in another format then please email or telephone 01773 841534.

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