Change in circumstances

You must tell us immediately of any change likely to affect your entitlement to benefit.

Failure to do so may mean you will be overpaid benefit, and you may then have to pay the money back to the council. Some changes of circumstance may mean that you get more benefit.

Please read your notification letters carefully and let us know if any of the figures are incorrect.

The following are examples of what you must tell us about:

  • Changes to your marital status
    You must tell us if a partner comes to live with you or leaves your household. A partner may include someone of the same or opposite sex that you live with or are married to.
  • Changes to your income or your partner's income
    You must tell us if your income changes. For example, if you change the number of hours you work, change jobs or have a pay increase, or if you are no longer entitled to income support or jobseekers allowance, or if your pensions or benefit change.
  • Changes concerning your children
    You must tell us if you have a child, or if child benefit ends or if your child leaves school or starts work.
  • Changes concerning adult children or other people living with you
    You must tell us about changes in the income of anyone over 18 living with you.
  • Change of household
    You must tell us if anyone comes to live with you or if anyone leaves your address. You must tell us the date of the move and details of the previous and new address.
  • Savings or capital
    You must tell us if your savings or capital changes.
  • Going away from home
    If you or someone who lives with you is expected to be away from the home for 13 weeks or more you must tell us why they are going to be away, when they are leaving and when they will return.
  • Changes to the amount of your rent
    You must tell us about any change to the rent your landlord charges you, the letter from your landlord telling you about the change should be sent to the council.

If you are unsure please contact the benefits section straight away.

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