Second adult rebate

Second adult rebate is a form of council tax support that can be paid instead of, not as well as, main council tax support. Only Pension aged customers can apply for second adult rebate. You can claim second adult rebate if you do not have a partner (or your partner is 'not counted' for council tax purposes - see discounts for council tax) and you have someone living with you who is on a low income.

The other person in the household must be 18 or over, not paying rent for their accommodation (not including board paid to a parent), not liable for council tax and have an income below a certain amount.

You can claim second adult rebate directly from the council. To claim second adult rebate you will need to complete a claim form and provide information about the income of the adult (or adults) living with you. Your own income and savings are not taken into account when assessing your entitlement to second adult rebate, however as the liable person for council tax you will need to be the claimant for the support.

When you claim main council tax support the council will also assess your entitlement to second adult rebate and work out which will give you the most help with your council tax.

Second adult rebate is paid by reducing the amount of council tax you have to pay. When we have worked out your second adult rebate we will send you a letter telling you about it. If your claim is successful, we will send you a new council tax bill showing the revised amount to pay.

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