Food complaints

If you have a complaint about any food you have purchased the food safety team may investigate the complaint where there is a public health significance. Follow the procedure below.

Complaint regarding the quality of food such as weight, quantity or labelling should be made to Derbyshire Trading Standards.

If you have suffered suspected food poisoning, please use our suspected food poisoning reporting form.

Use the online reporting form below and refer to our guidance leaflet on what you can expect from the food safety team if they investigate a food compliant. Please ensure you complete all contact based fields to ensure we can follow up your complaints and take appropriate actions. The council will not validate anonymous complaints.

If the food complaint is perishable, it should be stored in the fridge/freezer.

Environmental services will require you to give details of:

  • Where the food was purchased from.
  • What is wrong with the food.
  • If possible proof of purchase e.g. receipt and price paid.
  • Details from packaging.
  • Details of storage and handling.
  • How the complaint was found and by whom.

Your complaint details will be passed to an officer to deal with. You may be contacted for further information. We may forward your details to the relevant local authority where the food was produced, to investigate the complaint as necessary.

Make a food complaint

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