Market place development

On Monday 9 October Heanor Market Place's transformation began. A temporary fence will be placed around the Market Place as we dive into this renovation journey.

The pavement encircling the market will still be accessible, along with access to local businesses, roads, and bus stops. We will be working on some of those areas in the future (possibly January 2024), but we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

While the Market Place car park will be temporarily closed, you can find alternative parking options at Wilmot Street and Ilkeston Road. Further information can be found on our car park locations page.

We understand that there may be an element of inconvenience as construction gets underway, but trust us when we say, the final outcome will be absolutely worth it! If you haven't had a chance to sneak a peek at our 3D proposals for the new Market Place, now's the time.

Frequently asked questions

Our main focus is to design a space that will improve Heanor, providing a better environment for the community, residents, and local businesses to enjoy, while minimising disturbance during the development.

We recognise that uncertainties can lead to worry and that misinformation may spread quickly, so let’s clarify some key points about this project.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.

The event will take place on 18 November 2023, including children’s rides, market stalls, and a fireworks display. There will be a small area of the market place temporarily restricted, but it won't impact this cherished tradition.

We aim to be completed by March 2024. Construction will be phased. The car park is the first phase, and alternative parking is available at Wilmot Street and Ilkeston Road. Further information can be found at

We understand that construction can be inconvenient, and we're taking measures to make the process as smooth as possible. By completing the project in phases, we aim to maintain accessibility and convenience. And we will keep you up to date every step of the way.

The market will still continue to go ahead on the market place whilst construction takes place. If the location changes, we’ll keep you informed.

Heanor secured a major regeneration boost through the Government’s Future High Streets Fund and was awarded £8.59 million as part of an initiative to kickstart investment and redevelop the area.

The fund was established to help towns across the country respond to changes in retailing and to regenerate town centres as attractive places to live and work for the future. The council could only put forward one market town and identified Heanor as the Amber Valley location with significant need and the opportunity to make the biggest difference for its future by securing the grant.

The Market Place development, The Grammar, and Whysall Street developments will all be delivered via the fund and private sector investment, and we will ensure every part of the funding will not go to waste and will be used to deliver a positive improvement to Heanor.

Remembrance Sunday activities will be going ahead, and this will be arranged, as normal, by Heanor and Loscoe Town Council. The Parade will start at the Memorial Gardens. Further info can be found at

This year's absence is unrelated to the development. The Showmen’s Guild did not hold a Spring Fair or submit an application in time to be able to hold the Autumn Fair this year. However, Ripley Fair is taking place from 25 to 30 October 2023 and we hope that the Heanor Fair will be back in town in 2024.

CCTV will continue to be in place.

Absolutely and we welcome applications for events to take place within the town centre from Spring 2024. Contact our regeneration team at if you are thinking of holding an event and want to find out how.


The new design has been designed to be fully accessible and encourage use by all of the community. Two improvements will include flat surfaces and the removal of different highway levels incorporating tactile markings for those with visual impairments. The space will include street furniture positioned to allow wheelchair users to move around easily and offer those with limited mobility to take a rest when required.

We have worked closely with the designers and contractors to ensure the design is inclusive and benefits the whole community. Blue badge parking will also continue to be available in the new car park, along with accessible toilet provision.

Yes, local businesses will still be able to open as normal and be accessible from the market place. We will be erecting signage to communicate that the businesses are still open and direct visitors to nearby alternative town centre parking at Wilmot Street and Ilkeston Road. Our focus remains as Shop Local, Shop Heanor and we encourage the community to support their local stores.


The Future High Street Fund Grant has been used to make the most difference in the town centre and due to limited funds did not include the potential to offer funded improvement to shops.

Shops are invited to apply for funding that is available through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to support those businesses in improving their shop front. Businesses occupying a property with a shop front can apply to make improvements at

Businesses can also apply for a Pavement License to extend their services outdoors, providing more seating and options for the community. Find out more at

We encourage local businesses to take advantage of these opportunities to make our town centre even more inviting. Talk to the Regeneration team for more information, you can email them at

The current market place had been in place for around 25 years and like all public realms started to look tired and fall into a state of disrepair if not upgraded. We wanted to use the opportunity of the Future High Streets Fund to improve Heanor Town Centre and create a vibrant, accessible, and inclusive space for all.

We continue to work in partnership with community safety to tackle anti-social behaviour. If you see or witness anything causing harassment, alarm, distress, or of public safety then please contact Derbyshire Constabulary on 999 for immediate danger, report via 101, or contact the community safety team.

The council works to support all Amber Valley communities and improve our four market towns. Town centre improvements are identified and implemented within available resources and the regeneration team aims to apply for investment funding when available.

At the moment, no large-scale infrastructure funds are available to apply for, such as the Future High Street Fund. The council continues to work with the private sector and businesses and utilise funding such as UKSPF to deliver small-scale projects that make a difference such as Shop Front Improvement Grants, replacing town centre street furniture, and supporting businesses to thrive.


Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 570222 or email