Charity stalls Alfreton Indoor Market

The council maintains a charity stall on Alfreton Indoor Market, which is available each market day.

The stall is available free of charge to registered local charities and local branches of national charities, amateur sporting and local organisations in accordance with the conditions listed below. Click on the heading to read the full T&Cs.

  • (a) The use of the charity stall is permitted only where all proceeds arising from the use of the stall are donated to the named charity. The use of the charity stall for fundraising where a portion of the proceeds are donated will incur a small charge consistent with the current table top stall daily rate. The council reserves the right to verify the donation received by the charity.
  • (b) The period of use of the charity stall will commence at 8.30am and expire at 4.30pm.
  • (c)  If consecutive dates are booked, items can be left on the allocated stall at the close of business.  All responsibilities lie with the applicant.
  • (d) The stall is for the sole purpose of exhibiting and selling goods of the description specified below and shall not exhibit or expose for sale therein any articles or goods of any other description.  No goods shall be exhibited or sold from the stall which in the opinion of the markets & town centre officer are of an objectionable nature or in their opinion are dangerous or likely to cause fire or explosion. Furthermore, no alcohol is to be exhibited, sold or given away as a prize from the stall.
  • (e) If the stall is not occupied by 8am on any market day the council may let the stall to any other person or persons for that day.
  • (f) The charity stall applicant shall produce at all times on demand to an authorised agent of the council evidence in writing proving to the satisfaction of such agent that all goods on the stall are the property of the Applicant and that all persons assisting at the stall are duly authorised to do so by the applicant.
  • (g) The applicant must have Public Liability Insurance from their designated charity to the sum of at least £5 million to cover all risks and the indemnity set out in condition (f). All employees that are to be employed at the stall must also be covered by an Employees Liability Insurance. Both insurance documents must be supplied to the Council upon application.
  • (h)  If Public Liability Insurance for the designated charity is not available, a charge will be made for use of the stall at the rate currently in place for a table top stall.
  • (i) The applicant shall not do, or permit to be done, any act or thing in or about the stall or the market which may cause discomfort, damage, injury or annoyance to other market traders or occupiers of the said market, or to other persons using or visiting the market
  • (j) The applicant shall observe and conform to the provisions of all Food, Health and other Safety Legislation where applicable to the stall and items sold there from and to comply with all byelaws and/or regulations from time to time made by the Council or the management and control of the market which said byelaws and/or regulations shall be deemed to be incorporated in and form part of these conditions, insofar as they are not varied hereby or inconsistent herewith.
  • (k) The applicant shall not place goods beyond the boundaries of the allocated stall, either on the ground or hanging except with the permission of the markets & town centre officer or such person authorised by him to give instructions pursuant to this clause.
  • (l) The applicant shall not erect any extensions to the stall without the permission of the markets & town centre officer.
  • (m) The applicant is not permitted to install any heating or lighting apparatus whatsoever.
  • (n) No music is allowed to be played on the stall.
  • (o) The applicant must also remove any rubbish from the market area and the site of the stall must be left clean and tidy at the close of the market.  Cardboard is to be placed in the skip provided and general waste is to be placed in the commercial rubbish bins – both receptacles are located outside the side entrance to the market.
  • (p) The applicant must keep the stall and fittings and the space below the stall clean and free from litter.
  • (q) The applicant shall not ring a bell or blow a horn or use any noisy instrument or loudspeaker to attract attention to the stall or to any person to do so.
  • (r) The applicant must not hold or permit or allow to be held any sale by auction at the stall.
  • (s) The applicant will at all times comply with the reasonable instructions of the markets & town centre officer or such person authorised by them to give instruction pursuant to this clause.
  • (t) The applicant must provide a sign displayed on the stall informing the general public who they are, and the nature of the fund-raising activity.
  • (u) The applicant shall be permitted to use market trolleys for unloading & loading their goods before 0830 and after 1630 only.  Use of trolleys in the market hall is strictly prohibited during market opening hours.
  • (v) The applicant can request one temporary parking pass for use in the adjacent car park per stall.

The use of the charity stall is at the council’s discretion. If you require any advice or guidance on any aspects of above, please contact a Markets & Town Centre Officer, Vicki England or Stuart Jackson, at

Please note - charity stall will be let on a first come first served reservation basis and charities are limited to how many times they can partake per annum. Once you have submitted your form we will contact you to confirm the booking, until then no acceptance can be presumed.

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