Body art warning issued after Derby woman handed fine

Amber Valley Borough Council has issued a stark warning to body art fans, after it took legal action against an unregistered skin piercer on 17 July 2023 at Derby Justice Centre.   

The practitioner, Miss Hall was found to be working in a unit in her back garden in unhygienic conditions.

She pleaded guilty to conducting business without being registered, not following hygienic standards, and not displaying the appropriate certificates at her premises. Her financial penalty totalled £1840. 

It was deemed that customers had been put at risk from infection through a lack of basic hygiene. If used inappropriately, needles used as part of cosmetic treatments can spread infections such as hepatitis and HIV.

A spokesperson for Amber Valley Borough Council said: "By conducting her business in this way, Miss Hall put many of her clients in danger from infection. As a council we are here to protect those within our borough and ensure that such business owners stick to the rules imposed upon them."

The council has now issued guidelines for the public to follow when choosing a tattoo salon or piercing clinic, these include:

  • The practitioners must be registered with Amber Valley Borough Council and work from registered premises. Their registration certificates must be displayed. The facility should be clean — use your best judgment.
  • Practitioners must wash and dry their hands before each procedure and wear sterile, disposable gloves during the procedure.
  • Practitioners must clean the area to be pierced or tattooed with a skin disinfectant solution.
  • Facilities should provide you with verbal and or written information regarding possible reactions, side effects, and potential complications of the tattooing or piercing process.
  • After the procedure is completed, you’ve just begun so be sure to follow aftercare tips.
  • If you have any concerns do not proceed. Trust your instincts

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