Heanor Marketplace car park - reopening announcement

We are delighted to announce that the car park on Heanor Marketplace is set to reopen on 15 April 2024!

This means not only the reopening of the car park but also the reopening of public access for the pavements to the car park, additionally, the bus stops will be back in use.

While the car park has appeared "finished" for some time, we have prioritised the safety of pedestrians, hence delaying its public opening until all main pavement access was restored.

Work will continue on the rest of the marketplace, with an expected completion date now set for the end of May 2024.

We understand there have been rumours circulating regarding the delays, and we want to shed light on the factors contributing to the one-month delay.

  • Drainage woes: significant upgrades were needed to the drainage system that was only discovered upon excavation. This unforeseen challenge necessitated a comprehensive redesign and replacement of the drainage system.
  • Unravelling mysteries: an unexpected obstacle presented itself in the form of an unidentified gas main with a minor leak. Resolving this issue required meticulous investigation to establish ownership and ensure proper recording before work could resume, contributing to the delay.
  • Infrastructure hurdles: underground cables belonging to various companies were found to be in subpar condition, unable to withstand the weight of the surface above. This prompted a swift shift to Plan B, involving careful excavation to reinforce the cables and ensure structural integrity.

Although comprehensive surveys took place before work started, these elements were out of our control and were only discovered when demolishing the old marketplace. However, we wanted to ensure all these issues were dealt with properly so that no future work to repair or recorrect was needed after the opening of the entire marketplace.

Mother Nature hasn't been entirely cooperative, with persistent bouts of harsh weather wreaking havoc on our construction schedule. Heavy rain and recent storms led to several lost workdays, impeding progress, and extending the timeline.

We acknowledge the inconvenience caused by the ongoing work in the town centre, we know how disruptive this has been. However, we remain optimistic about the transformative impact it will have on Heanor. This marks the beginning of a bright future for our town, with more positive schemes and projects in the pipeline for this year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work towards enhancing our Heanor Marketplace. We really cannot wait to show you the finished project!

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