Recent government announcement regarding £150 payments from April 2022

At the moment we have no information and cannot yet advise anyone what the situation or process will be. Early analysis suggests this will affect around 52,000 households in Amber Valley. Please do not contact us at this stage as we do not have resources to respond.

The description as a "council tax rebate" is misleading. It should more accurately be described as a "£150 payment using council tax records and based on council tax bands". 

So, billing authorities (like Amber Valley Borough Council) will have to use their council tax data to identify households who will be eligible for the £150 payment (properties in bands A-D, excluding second homes and empty properties). Where the billing authority holds bank account details, payments should be made to these households in April by BACS outside the council tax system. Where the billing authority does not hold bank account details, those households will have to be contacted to obtain bank account details so that BACS payments can be made. 

Hopefully, over the next few weeks further information will be published by Central Government. As soon as we know more the information will be available via our website.

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