Regulatory enforcement

Amber Valley Borough Council aims to ensure it approaches all regulatory action in a consistent manner, which is appropriate to all the circumstances of the case and proportionate to the offence.

The council has adopted an enforcement policy, which was approved by full council in January 2016. The policy sets out the types of enforcement action that is available to officers and the circumstances in which they should be applied.

Council services that undertake regulatory enforcement include food safety, health and safety, licensing, animal health and welfare, pollution control, littering and fly tipping, housing and private landlords, tattooist and beauty treatments, planning and noise control.

Each of the services are required to have specific enforcement procedures to ensure that legislation is consistently applied, but any enforcement action takes all the individual circumstances into consideration when selecting the appropriate response.

The enforcement policy also ensures all enforcement action takes account of National Standards such as those contained in the enforcement concordatregulators' code and the code for crown prosecutors.
In addition to the above the council's licensing enforcement procedures must have regard to the Derby and Derbyshire licensing enforcement protocol and the roles of other agencies in effective licensing enforcement.

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