Belper Parks Local Nature Reserve

Welcome to Belper Parks Local Nature Reserve, an award winning park in the heart of Belper town centre.

Belper Parks is used on a daily basis by residents who enjoy walking, exercising their dogs or as a route through to the town centre.  It’s a wonderful natural play area for local children and brings the countryside closer to home for local residents.

The manor recreation ground which is part of Belper Parks but lies outside of the designated local nature reserve provides local children with play equipment and football facilities.

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The park is open all year round and offers something for everyone.

Belper Parks was originally part of the Royal Forest of Duffield Frith. In the 13th Century the area was used as a deer park for breeding and rearing deer for venison for the entire Frith, (Celtic for Forest). 

During the sixteenth century the emphasis on the Frith changed from rearing deer for food to timber and many great trees were felled to provide ships to counter the threat of the Armada. 

In the 17th century the area became common land and it remained so until 1786 when most was finally enclosed, subdivided into fields and Manor Farm and Park Farm were established. 

Rights of way were granted through the farms and into the fields and as the town’s population grew so did the popularity of the area for use for recreational activities and the Coppice itself began to be used for fairs and large events. 

In 1974 Belper parkscame under the ownership of Amber Valley Borough Council following a local government re-organisation and remained as a public open space. 

The park was designated as a Local Nature Reserve in 2004, this was gained through partnership working with Amber Valley Borough Council, Groundwork Trust and the Friends of Belper Parks. 

The Coppice Brook is steeped in history and runs from Ripley all the way through to the River Derwent and was used as the primary water source for the community. More recently a Cattle Grazing Project has been implemented as part of our ongoing management of the wildflower meadow.

Informal open space – users can take a stroll through the woodland whilst absorbing the stunning views. 

Poetry trail - whilst wandering through the woodland you may come across two poems, one which has been carved in a block of stone and the other uses brass nails and can be found on the steps leading up to the recreation ground. These poems form part of Beth’s Poetry Trail which is located throughout Belper. 

Play area - the Manor Recreation Ground which can be accessed from the Parks Estate or directly through Belper Parks and provides equipped play facilities for children aged 12 years and under. 

Football pitches - sporting facilities are also available with the provision of football pitches and changing rooms which can be booked through Amber Valley Borough Council. 

Picnic areas - picnic benches are provided at several key locations throughout the park. 

Wildflower meadow - a wildflower meadow has been created at the access from the Coppice car park. During the summer months this provides an abundance of wild flowers which enhances the local wildlife.

Belper Parks is situated to the rear of Belper market place and has 3 main entrances which are the Coppice car park, Mill Lane and Melbourne Close.

No scheduled events at this time.

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The park is owned by Amber Valley Borough Council and is managed by the landscape services department.

The borough council are always keen to promote positive use of the site and a good park user guide is visible at all entrances to the park.

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