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This page gives current and ex-service personnel local to the Ripley and the Amber Valley area to have the opportunity to contribute to your local history, you will be able to put your story down for future generations, which will help local people understand what it means to be part of the armed forces and conflict, and how your families cope with you being away.

The British Legion and its members are intrinsic to the success of this project, the stories, photographs and participation of past and current service personnel in this project are key.

In 1942, the Second World War was going badly for the British people. The Germans had kicked us out of Europe and the Japs had kicked us out of the East.

I was 18 years old and I received my calling up papers and I was sent to the Derby Assembly Rooms for a medical and an interview. Like everybody else, I passed my medical and at the interview I was given the choice of going into the army or the Navy. Read more...

Please fill in the online form below and express your story in whatever way you feel comfortable with, the story will then be uploaded for public viewing, it can be anonymous if preferred. As the website will be available to all ages, content of correspondence will be checked before uploading onto the website.

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