Landscape services manage playgrounds throughout the borough. Amber Valley Housing Ltd also manage play areas on their land. For more details on playgrounds managed by Amber Valley Borough Council please use the contact us on 01773 841320.

Play strategy

Play is a vital part of every child's growth and development. Active play promotes an energetic, healthy lifestyle, and enables children to develop their learning and social skills.

Our aim is that all children living, visiting or going to school in Amber Valley should have access to good quality play services and facilities. We want to provide a variety of safe and stimulating play environments, in which children are not only given opportunities to learn but also to have fun and enjoy themselves!

This strategy outlines our commitment towards making that a reality.

In preparing the strategy we have worked in partnership with a number of agencies that are involved in the provision of services to children in Derbyshire. We have also consulted directly with children, and their parents and carers, to determine their views on existing and future play facilities within the borough.

We will continue to involve local communities in future decision-making around play services to ensure that the plans we develop are inclusive, and fully meet the needs of children and young people across Amber Valley.

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