Private water supplies

A private water supply is, in general terms, any water supply which is not a public water supply provided by Severn Trent. Sources of private water supplies include wells, boreholes, springs, streams, rivers, lakes or ponds. The supply may serve one or more properties.

New regulations have come into force under the Private Water Supply Regulations 2009. The regulations impose new monitoring duties and require the local authority to carry out a risk assessment on specific areas of the supply; further information about the council's responsibilities and charges.

If your home or business is served by a private water supply and is not currently registered, or you would like any further information or wish to make an enquiry about the registered supplies, please contact us.

If you have a private water supply that is currently registered and would like to arrange for a sample to be taken, or would like further advice on treatment methods or other private water supply matters, please contact us.

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