SHELAA Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

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The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires all strategic policy-making authorities to have a clear understanding of the land available in their area through the preparation of a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). The National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) identifies the advantages of carrying out land assessments for housing and economic development as part of the same exercise in order that sites may be allocated for the use which is most appropriate.

The borough council is currently preparing a SHELAA in accordance with the borough council’s SHELAA methodology, this approach is consistent with that set out in the NPPG. This process ensures that the range of potential sites for housing and economic development in the borough is up to date.

The SHELAA will identify sites which may be suitable for housing development (capable of accommodating 5 or more dwellings) and for economic development (0.25ha or greater, or 500m2 of floorspace or greater).

The assessments will consider the suitability, availability and achievability of each site, as well identifying constraints, assessing their deliverability and the potential capacity.

The SHELAA will include sites that

  • have planning permission (including those that may already be under construction but have further dwellings/units to be delivered);
  • have a resolution to grant planning permission subject to a section 106 agreement;
  • do not yet have planning permission but have been identified as possible housing or economic sites, these can include sites: -
  • identified by the borough council
  • promoted to the borough council by landowners, agents or developers (include those sites submitted through the call for sites process up to 31 March 2020
  • allocations in neighbourhood plans

The inclusion of any site in the SHELAA does not imply that planning permission for housing will be granted. Similarly, the SHELA is not an allocation document and it should not be taken as implying that any sites assessed would be allocated in a development plan. Allocation of land and granting of planning permission is only done through other prescribed processes. 

Updates and site submissions

Once completed, the SHELAA will be published and updated on an annual basis.

If you are a landowner, developer or other interested party that wishes to submit a site(s) for consideration as part of the SHELAA you can do so by completing the site submission form below, providing as much information as possible. All sites should be accompanied by an up to date Ordnance Survey (OS) map clearly identifying the site boundaries.

All completed forms and site plans should be submitted to:

Planning Policy
Amber Valley Borough Council
Town Hall
Market Place

or by email to

Please note that the borough council is unable to guarantee that any sites submitted after 1 April 2020 will be assessed to inform the new Local Plan process.

Previous SHLAA

The base date of the current SHLAA is 1 April 2019 and therefore assesses sites that were submitted on or before this date.

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