Abandoned vehicles

Abandoning a vehicle is illegal and can be dangerous, it can also ruin the appearance of your neighbourhood.

Abandoning a vehicle is a criminal offence carrying a maximum fine of £2500 or 3 months imprisonment or both. Council officers may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 as an alternative to prosecution.

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 enables the council to deal quickly and effectively with vehicles that are reported as abandoned and allows any vehicles that are in a dangerous condition, burnt out etc (where police have no interest) to be removed immediately without prior notice.

How would I know if a vehicle is abandoned?

A vehicle could be considered to be abandoned if:

  • It is not taxed with the DVLA and
  • It has been in the same location for more than 4 weeks or
  • It is in a dangerous condition (where police have no interest)

A vehicle that is taxed with DVLA is not abandoned and cannot be dealt with by the council, however you could report it to your local DVLA office in writing. This can be done anonymously and you will need to include full details and registration number of the vehicle, location and owners details if known.

What if the vehicle is on private land?

The council would only investigate reports of vehicles abandoned on private land if:

  • The vehicle is a danger to the public – a 14 day Notice would be served on the Landowner informing him of our intention to remove the vehicle. (costs would be recharged to the landowner or claimed from the registered keeper)
  • An investigation and removal is requested by the landowner (there is a charge for this service)

How do I report a vehicle that I suspect to be abandoned?

You can report a suspected abandoned vehicle by ringing the community support unit on 01773 841335 or completing and submitting the on-line form below.

You should include the following information:

  • Vehicle make, model, colour and registration number
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • Location of the vehicle – please be as specific as possible.
  • How long the vehicle has been there

What happens to my report?

The council aims to respond to all reports within 48 hours of the request being received.

  • A community support warden will carry out checks to confirm if the vehicle is abandoned.
  • A council aware sticker will be placed on the vehicle asking the owner to contact the council to establish the fact that the vehicle is abandoned.
  • Details of the registered keeper are obtained from the DVLA.
  • A 7 day notice will be placed on the vehicle and if not removed or responded to within that time the vehicle will be removed and placed into storage prior to disposal.

Once a vehicle has been removed it may only be released to the registered keeper on proof of ownership and the payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice and a release fee.

The council has no powers to remove vehicles which are claimed by their owners, however, will make every effort to ensure that the vehicle is parked legally.

If a vehicle is assessed as being in a dangerous condition it will be removed immediately.

To report an abandoned vehicle online please submit all the details below. Please note, we do request that you include your name and telephone number in your submission, however these details will not be passed on to any other person, they will only be used to contact you if we require further information on the details you have reported.

Report an abandoned vehicle

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Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 841335 or email envadmin@ambervalley.gov.uk