Housing benefit

If you are working age and require help towards your rent you may need to claim universal credit rather than housing benefit.

To check which you need to claim please see www.gov.uk/universal-credit

Council tax support can help you if you have to pay council tax on your home.  If you make a claim for universal credit you will still need to make a separate claim for Council tax support.

Housing benefit is a benefit for people on a low income to help them pay their rent. You may be able to get housing benefit if you are on other benefits, work part-time or full-time on a low income.

You can claim if you have to pay rent for the property that you live in. You may be a council tenant, pay rent to a private landlord or to a housing association. You can also claim housing benefit if you rent a room or are a boarder. You can claim if you share a flat or a house and can get Housing Benefit as a joint tenant or sub-tenant.

Council tax support can help you if you have to pay council tax on your home.

Housing benefit is payable in respect of the family, the term family includes single claimants, lone parents, married or un-married partners or civil partners with or without children. The family must occupy the property as their home and be liable to pay rent.

Claimants may only claim housing benefit for one property at a time except in special circumstance, for example, if they have to vacate their home temporarily through fear of violence.

Use our online benefits calculator to check your housing benefit and council tax support entitlement.

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