12 December 2019

Votes were verified and counted on the evening of 12 December 2019, after the close of poll. 

Amber Valley

Candidate Party Votes
Nigel John MILLS The Conservative Party Candidate 29096
Lian PIZZEY Green Party 1388
Kate SMITH Liberal Democrats 2873
Adam THOMPSON Labour Party 12210
  Total 45567

The number of ballot papers rejected were as follows:

(a) want of official mark - 0
(b) voting for more than one candidate - 23
(c) writing or mark by which the voter can be identified - 1
(d) unmarked ballot paper - 0
(e) void for uncertainty - 128

Total - 45719

The total electorate was 69,976 and the number of votes recorded represented 65.34% of this.

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