Street care and cleaning

Landscape services undertake the cleansing of town centres, parks, cemeteries, highways and any other council owned land in accordance with legislative requirements.

The council also enforces the unauthorised deposit of litter through the issuing of fixed penalty notices.

Litter bins

Amber Valley Borough Council is responsible for the provision, maintenance and emptying of litter bins on the highway, parks, cemeteries and in town centres. Many shops, fast food outlets etc. provide litter bins but these are off the highway and remain the responsibility of the land owner.

Town centre litter bins are emptied throughout the day as required.

All other bins in the borough are emptied once weekly. Continual assessment is undertaken on the usage of the litter bins in order to determine the need for bins in a particular area.

Amber Valley also provide dog litter bins throughout the borough, more information can be found in our dog control section.

Graffiti removal

Amber Valley Borough Council is only responsible for the removal of graffiti on property owned by the authority. Graffiti on private property is the land owners responsibility for removal. If offensive or racist the graffiti is removed as soon as possible.

If offenders are identified, in all cases the council will serve fixed penalty notices or prosecute.

Dispose of needles safely

Modern living involves many hazards. One problem can be needles and syringes that have been discarded without care.

If you find a needle please call the needle hotline 0800 092 51 31 free anytime day or night. Our aim is to collect a needle within two hours of any reported incident.

Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 841335 or email