Taxi licensing

Amber Valley Borough Council has a responsibility for licensing hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, drivers, and operators within the district of Amber Valley.

The grant of all licences shall be considered in the context of the Amber Valley Borough Council Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy, relevant legislation, and guidance subject to the licensing conditions.

The aim of licensing of the Hackney Carriage ("Taxi") and Private Hire Vehicle ("PHV") trade is, primarily, to protect the public as well as to ensure that the public have reasonable access to taxi and PHV services because of the part they play in local transport provision.

Its purpose, therefore, is to ensure the system is operated by 'fit and proper' persons and to prevent licences being given to or used by those who are not suitable persons taking into account their driving record, their driving experience, their sobriety, mental and physical fitness, honesty, that they are people who would not take advantage of their employment, and to ensure that hackney carriages and private hire vehicles in the district are safe, and that the powers are exercised in compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights.

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