Make an application for planning

Completing the forms accurately, submitting clear plans and providing detailed information helps everyone because:

  • it helps applicants to explain their intentions
  • it helps our planning team understand what is involved and assess it fully
  • it helps people whose views are sought about a proposal to give proper advice in the shortest possible time
  • it can avoid neighbours misunderstanding what is proposed and raising queries or objections.


The fee should be paid at the time of the application. Please view the latest fees and charges, including the latest fee updates from 6 December 2023.

Calculation of fees for site area and floorspace

  • Wherever a fee is based on site area, the site area is defined as the area to which the application relates, i.e. the land that is being developed including any which changes its use as part of the development. This will normally be shown edged red on the plan accompanying the application.
  • Wherever a fee is based on floorspace, the floorspace is taken to be the gross amount (all storeys) to be created by the development shown in the application.
    For fee purposes this measurement is an external measurement, and includes the thickness of the internal and external walls. Floorspace does not include other areas inside a building which are not readily usable by humans or animals, for example lift shafts, tanks, loft spaces

Apply online

Most planning applications are now submitted online. You can submit and pay for your planning application online using the planning portal. Guidance is available before you submit.

Please be aware that if your property is within a conservation area, article 4 direction area, listed building or within the world heritage site a heritage statement will be required with your planning application in order to validate it.

Paper forms

All application forms are available to download in PDF format so that you can print them off, fill them in and submit them to our planning team. View paper application forms.

Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 841571 or email