Development management

Planning permission or planning consent is the permission required in the United Kingdom in order to be allowed to build on land, or change the use of land or buildings.

Planning title was granted for all pre-existing uses and buildings by the Town and Country Planning Act 1947. Since that date any new "development" has required planning permission. In order to request planning permission the applicant must submit a planning application to the relevant local authority. 

Please use the following links to help with your planning application.

  • Make a planning application - instructions and resources to help you make a planning application 
  • View a planning application - a searchable online register that also enables you to make comments on current applications.
  • Planning application fees - details of the fees you will have to pay if you need to make a planning application.
  • Permitted development - an explanation of the types of activities you can undertake without the need for planning permission.
  • Help and advice - the planning portal is a excellent source of information on all aspects of the planning process.
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