Planning obligations

Planning obligations which are secured by a legal agreement ensure that the impact of new development on a local area is mitigated, for example, including through the provision of public open space and new affordable homes.

Planning obligations are required to be secured through the planning process, in accordance with national and local planning policies.

In September 2019, amendments to the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations came into force requiring all local authorities to annually disclose revenue and spending in relation to funding received from developer agreements (section 106 and/or section 278 agreements).

This means that we are required to publish an Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS). This reports on income and expenditure including for:

  • Education
  • Affordable housing
  • Public open space
  • Highway improvements

The IFS includes an Infrastructure Funding Statement Report and the following developer contribution spreadsheets (CSV files):

These documents will be updated regularly to keep them up to date and accurate.

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