Update 23.11.2020 - In light of the Government’s announcement last week, and with regard to National Planning Guidance and Amber Valley Borough Council’s declaration of a climate emergency, the council will now be negotiating EV charging points, and urging any other appropriate measures/features as appropriate, to be incorporated into all planning applications for major residential development.

Applicants proposing non-major residential schemes will also be strongly urged to consider any appropriate measures/features, including EV charging points, and to incorporate those measures/features into the development where such can be achieved.


Our process for registering applications is known as validation, where the planning authority decides whether it has correct and adequate supporting information to understand and fairly decide a planning application.

The government sought to standardise the information requirements for the different types of planning application by producing a national list of general requirements (such as a site plan). Each planning authority adds a list of local requirements (such as a flood risk or transport assessment). The information requirements may affect you as someone who is:

  • applying for planning permission
  • commenting on someone else's planning application
  • professionally consulted on planning applications
  • professionally assisting others in submitting planning applications

Use the following links to view the relevant forms.

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