Planning applications in conservation areas

Conservation area status gives the council some extra control over development to encourage enhancement of the area, but it is not meant to stifle development. When considering applications for development in conservation areas special attention will be paid the impact of the proposal on the character or appearance of the area.

To find out whether planning permission is required for the works you propose to undertake please use the links below.

If the building is included in a conservation area, some alterations can be carried out without the need to obtain planning permission. However, if the building is also included in an article 4 direction then other restrictions apply. In addition, if the building is also listed then an application for listed building consent is also required.

For more guidance please refer to the listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas SPD.

An article 4(2) direction applies to all dwellings in the Belper and Milford conservation area.

An article 4(2) direction removes most 'permitted development' rights and means that planning permission is required for certain extensions, alterations, replacement of windows and doors, paintings to exterior walls and erection of any gate, fence or wall or satellite dish, subject to certain criteria where the alteration fronts on to a highway, footpath, waterway or a public open space

The purpose of removing permitted development ensures that all works protects or enhances the character of the conservation area and the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage.

Conservation area consent is required for the demolition or partial demolition of a building which exceeds 115 cubic metres in volume.

Conservation area consent is also required for the total demolition of a wall, fence or other means of enclosure but not for the partial demolition.

Refer to the listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas SPD before submitting an application.

Please view the national requirements for applications relating to conservation area consents before submitting an application.

Anyone wanting to carry out works (including cut down, top, lop, prune, uproot or willfully damage or destroy) a tree which falls within a conservation area must first give 6 weeks notice to the local planning authority. 

If you propose to do any works to a tree covered by a tree preservation order (TPO) or works to a tree within a conservation area (TCA) then an application will need to be submitted.

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