You can help us keep the streets clean and stop fly-tipping, graffiti, dumped cars and other enviro-crime spoiling our neighbourhood.

Where we spot an enviro-crime, or it has been reported to us, we will investigate the issue. Collection and clear up may not happen immediately while we check the facts and work to deter future enviro-crime.

Find out more about enviro-crimes, preventing them and reporting them by using the following links.

For full offences and penalties view our offences, legislation and fines.

Fixed penalty notice enforcement strategy

This policy sets out the key principles under which officers will use fixed penalty notices to achieve compliance with legislation enforced by the council. In carrying out their duties officers will have regard to the council’s enforcement policy and adhere to the principles of good enforcement set out in the 'Statutory Code of Practice for Regulators' (Regulators Code) and all other relevant codes including those concerned with the investigation of offences or the prosecution of offenders.

The primary function of the council’s enforcement work in relation to environmental crime, anti-social activities and private housing is to protect the public and the environment from activities that may have a detrimental effect on the community or individuals. You can read the full strategy by using the link below.

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Contact the team directly on 01773 841335 or email envadmin@ambervalley.gov.uk