Household refuse and recycling

Amber Valley residents have their waste and recycling collected on alternate weeks, meaning that on one week your wheeled refuse bin will be emptied or purple bags collected and on the following week, all your recycling will be collected from your recycling bin or green recycling bags and glass caddy.

When are my bins going to be emptied?

To find out when your bin will be emptied, please enter your address details into the bin collection dates page.

Household refuse collections

The majority of properties in Amber Valley are issued with a standard 240ltr or 140ltr green wheeled bin for their refuse. Those properties that are unable to have a wheeled refuse bin due to property locations or the layout of the property, will be issued with purple refuse bags instead.

Any property issued with purple refuse bags, may have a wheeled bin to store the bags in if required, but must place the bags out for collection on their collection day.

Household recycling collections

Every household (where possible), is issued with a grey bin and glass caddy. Inside the grey bin residents can recycle: paper, plastic, cans and cardboard. The glass caddy is provided to recycle glass bottles and jars and can either be placed inside the recycling bin or left by the side of the grey bin for collection. Those properties that are unable to have a recycling bin due to property location or the layout of the property, will be issued instead with green re-usable bags.

If you currently use purple bags for your household waste, you will not receive a grey recycling bin. You will however receive three green bags to use for your recycling and a glass caddy. In the green bags you can recycle: paper, plastic cans and cardboard which are the same items that can be placed inside the grey recycling bin.

The glass caddy is provided for residents with green bags to recycle their glass bottles and jars.

Please make sure your bin or bags are placed out for collection by 6:30am on your scheduled collection day.

What can I put in my grey bin / green bag?

Yes please No thanks
Newspaper Plastic bags / plastic sheets
Magazines Laminated paper
Directories Padded envelopes
Catalogues Tissues / kitchen towels
Junk mail Drink cartons / tetra pak
Envelopes Garden waste / plant pots
Cardboard (view waste collection policy) Food waste
Plastic bottles Polystyrene
Plastic food containers e.g. yoghurt pots, ice cream, margarine tubs Cling film / plastic wrapping
Food / drink cans Electrical items
Empty aerosols (except from DIY or gardening) Metal pipes
Biscuit / sweet tins Oil tins / paint tins
Clean aluminium foil Chemical containers
Cardboard egg boxes Batteries
  Clothing or shoes
  Crisp packets / sweet wrappers
  General waste
  Plastic or paper plates / cups

We will not be able to empty your grey bin / green recycling bag if it contains unacceptable items.

What can I put in my inner caddy?

Yes please No thanks
Glass bottles (any colour) Chinaware
Glass jars (any colour) Mirrors
  Glass cookware e.g. pyrex
  Drinking glasses
Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 841326 or email