Missed bins and service disruptions

Sometimes we will be unable to collect your waste on your scheduled bin collection dates, this may be because our vehicles cannot access a road due to parked cars, adverse weather or there may be unforeseen delays to the service. You can find out your collection round by entering your address on our bin collection dates page.

If your road is affected please leave your bin out and we will attempt to empty your bin within 48 hours of the normal collection day. If we cannot collect within this time frame residents can put out:

  • Next refuse collection - three extra bags of refuse
  • Next recycling collection - extra recycling will be collected throughout the year

Affected areas or streets

Added date Affected areas/streets Issue End date

If your street is not listed above but your bin has been missed, please contact our refuse team directly using the details below.

Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 841326 or email refuse@ambervalley.gov.uk