New build properties new bin requests

From 1 June 2023 we will charge a fee of £90 to provide refuse and recycling bins to newly built properties. 

If you are moving or have moved into a new build property and don't appear to have any bins, we recommend checking with the developer/agent that they have not already been paid for and arranged to be delivered. If the property developer has not paid for the supply of containers to your home, you will be required to pay.

Most homes have two standard sized 240-litre wheelie bins:

  • green bin for general household waste
  • grey bin for recycling waste

The charge for both of these bins is £90. Our contractor aims to deliver your new bins as soon as possible.

Please complete our online payment form if you are ready to order your new bins. This online form will talk you through the process of checking if your property has been registered and applying for bins.

View and complete our other online request forms if your bins are damaged, or if you need extra bin space for a large household

Need further help or information?

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