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Amber Valley Borough Council has prepared a new Local Plan, which sets out a vision and a framework for the future development of the borough up to 2028. The Local Plan includes policies and proposals to address needs and opportunities in relation to housing, the economy, community facilities and infrastructure, as well to safeguard the environment.

Following the publication for the Pre-Submission Local Plan, the council submitted its proposed Local Plan to the Secretary of State, for examination, on 2 March 2018. Hearing sessions took place from 12 June to 5 July 2018, over 7.5 days. Having considered the housing supply matters and in particular the deliverability of permitted sites, the inspector, following communication with the council, paused the examination, to enable the council to undertake a borough-wide Green Belt review, to inform the process of identifying and proposing additional housing sites for allocation in the Local Plan.

The council must be able to demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land on adoption of the Local Plan and meet the requirement for 9,770 dwellings between 2011 and 2028.

Green Belt review

The council commissioned consultants to carry out the Green Belt review, having regard to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the report was published in November 2018. The report is available to read using the following links.

*Please note that typographical errors in AV/38b, AV/38c(i) and AV/38c(ii) have now been corrected to accurately reflect the site assessment matrix tables 8 and 9 in AV/38.

Irrespective of any parcels of land being identified by the consultants as being suitable for removal from the Green Belt, it is still necessary to set out clear evidence of the exceptional circumstances for each change to the satisfaction of the Inspector at the resumed Local Plan Examination, including evidence of the sustainability of any potential development of a site.

It had been planned to present a report to full council on 30 January 2019 identifying, and seeking approval of, proposed additional housing sites for allocation in the Local Plan but regrettably this has been postponed until the full council meeting of 4 March 2019 to facilitate completion of a robust assessment of sites. It is not possible to supply details of any proposed sites until the full council papers are published.

For further details please see the Amber Valley Borough Submission Local Plan page.

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